I’m Running for President!

I’m running for President and this is what you get:

– On welfare? The government will assist you with ONE child! Can’t afford the child? Then don’t have more! Simple plan there!

– You want your welfare check? Guess what…you’re getting a drug test EVERY month!! Think that’s expensive? What about the money saved not being handed out? Because I know 4 people personally that will lose their “income”.

– Taxes will be cut for small businesses and others as soon as I get us out of debt to China! Stupid ass Obama!

– Cutting Presidential to $50,000. Yes, you read that right. They get a house, food, travel, everything…there is NO need to make $450,000 for LIFE!! It should be about HONOR, NOT the check!

– Congress, you’re getting a pay cut too! You should be proud of your position! And you are going to learn to get work done! And it will become a requirement to volunteer so many hours a year, pick an organization and help. And donating money doesn’t count, your ass is getting out there and helping!

– Soldier…you are getting a pay increase and health care 100% paid for for you, 75% for spouse and dependents. You deserve more than anyone can offer, the least I could do is more money to help you and your family!

– Police officers, firefighters, EMTs…you are also getting a pay increase and the same health care for soldiers. And also, free counseling! Soldiers too…you get completely free counseling!

– Insurance has drove costs up so much that without insurance a person can’t afford anything. Making cuts there. Insurance cutdown and start regulating cost for health care. Same for prescriptions, cutting cost. Too many people benefitting from pushing drugs, not happening anymore.

– More cuts to save money. No longer will illegal immigrants get money, for school, anything. You want money? Earn it!! As for scholarships because you’re a “minority”…cut! This entire country is a “minority”!! And you know what…the Jewish had it WAY worse than those slaves, but it was your family! Not you! So quit playing the “suffering” card!! Get over it already!

– In this country we speak ENGLISH! Learn it or get out! Don’t like this country? Go back to where you came from! Want to become a citizen…learn English!

– Gun control? That won’t stop the criminals. Nationwide conceal and carry laws. Everyone takes the same class and you can carry thought the nation. If you’re legal to own a gun, then you have the right to defend yourself from the assholes that have them illegally.

There is so much more! But this country needs fixing!! And these idiots in charge…you’re not doing shit!!


11 responses to “I’m Running for President!

      • Yeah, well when they dont get drug tested, and why would any OD these people come off welfare they have nice phones and cars and w.e else they could want.. why go back to work? Especially when the president approves of it.. lol its a simple thing drug test everyone who wants their welfare checks and if they fail they are done for good no second chances.

  1. Only one thing to say on drug testing (and no, I am NOT against – infact not a bad idea)…. But what about false positives…. ie someone inadvertantly has sesame seeds (think that’s the one that shows up as a drug in the system) or somethign like that happens.. They are screwed permanently?? No second chances??

    Also on the only one child… OK, I agree for those who abuse system and have kids just to get welfare, but what about me and my husband. Because he is disabled (through no fault of his own) we are only allowed one child… Sorry just had to put that out there ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For most part I have to agree with your campaign ideas Less payments to government and more to Those who truly make a difference (Fire/EMS/Police/Soldiers/Teachers, etc). Less on “gun controls and more laws regarding usage of guns (don’t know if that’s sounding right). As my husband has says in the past “no-one would want him for president – LOL too strict and “no flexibility” attitude.

    • No, you get tested each month so if they fail, you can try next month the pass and get it back. The day if the month you go will be random each time so you may not have a full 30 days between, you never know. As for false positives…if you’ve had all negatives and one month you get a random positive, you can protest for a retest, however it should be common sense to avoid things that would cause one. But I know common sense isn’t common, so there is the possibility to retest, except in the case of one who fails all the time. Better luck when they get off the drugs.

      Disability is different. I’m talking the assholes that refuse to work and have kids just to get more money and don’t even use it on the children. As for disability…that is a whole other story. My neighbor was on disability for a bad injury…he played racket ball every single day!! (Not saying your husband is like that! Not at all!!) People on disability will be watch more closely and monitored…I know too many people abusing that too!

      I can’t believe I forgot about teachers!!! Going to be adding to this one! Crap! Lol Yes, teachers will get more pay!! And more after school activities and programs to keep kids off the streets.

      Gun control isn’t the problem. If someone wants to kill, they will find a way. Remove the guns and you’re only taking them away from law abiding citizens. You think criminals will turn in their guns? Ha…they will now enjoy their time knowing that no one has the ability to defend themselves!

      You know the average response time for a police officer to my house if I had an intruder? 20-30 minutes!! Yes, for a life threatening situation it will take roughly that long! Sometimes you might get lucky and have one passing though but you are more likely to be waiting 30 mins, maybe even more! I have family is places that you may wait hours for an officer, maybe even up to 12 or more!

      Look at Australia’s crime rate after the government took away their guns…crime went up 70%!! So no, taking away guns is NOT the fix!

      • 20 – 30 minutes ugghhhh…. We have a friend that once had the sheriff (yes sheriff – or another officer of the law) advise that he keep a gun at his residence due to high crime rate & low police coverage of area (small town small police in this case).

        You’d like Arizona – LOL. Open Carry Law & conceal carry w/ a permit. You wanna take a guess which of the guys/gals packing is the actual officer in the group ๐Ÿ˜›

        I find it amazing (well actually no, more like stupid) that “Celebrities” and Sports Stars, and Governmental Officials get paid such big bucks. People say that the career expectancy for certain Celebrities and for Sports Stars is limited (ie they get too old to act, play, etc)…. but what the HELL about our soldiers, firefighters, police, Paramedics who risk limb (and maybe life) every day. What do they have to fall back on when they are disabled on the job?? And what happens to their families when they pay the ultimate price – Who takes care of them…. But then I’m preaching to the choir – LOL.

        I’m off for now. Good Night and StaySafe!

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