That title seems weird given the fact that I am far from unbreakable! I’m shattered, beaten, broken, and damaged beyond repair, but somehow still alive. I’m alive, here on this earth, a place where 20 little angels are not. 20 beautiful angels. I read a poem today that brought tears to my eyes, here it is for your reading:

12-14-12 – Tabatha VargoTHE FIELD TRIP
Please don’t cry, we’re ok.
We went on a field trip today.
A secret place where there’s fun to be had.
And the principle’s with us, so we won’t be bad.
It’s full of toys and rainbow slides.
Cotton candy and high cloud rides.
A funny zoo full of different things.
I even saw a man with wings.
We’re not alone so don’t you fear.
We’re chaperoned by Jesus here.
It’s really nice so I think I’ll stay.
And hold your spot till your field trip day.
I know Christmas is here and there’s toys to be given.
So please tell Santa that I’m in heaven.

I got tired of the new, tired of watching the stories. I hate how the media tells you every detail about the killers, but rarely covers the victims. I think too much is spent on the killer, they shouldn’t even give a name or picture…they should talk about the victims and their story.

And they should NOT be interviewing the children!! The parents should NOT be saying it is ok, but even if they are, the media SHOULD NOT BE DOING IT!! WTF is wrong with them?!?!?! They are CHILDREN!! Children that don’t know what happened. Children that describe the gun shots as “hammers”. Children that are asking if their friends are ok…the friends they watched get shot. That is fucked up! Leave the kids alone! Don’t you have more respect for them than that?!?!

I have one picture I would like to share before I get off the subject…


This just cracked me up! I know so many people that think taking away guns will fix the problem…ha! You’re a fucking idiot!! Sorry…but you are! I had one person tell me they only go to safe places…that’s funny. I guess that school is an “unsafe place” as is the church that was shot up in Illinois. Or the mall. Or the movie theater. People are funny and stupid at the same time. Whatever, I’m done with that subject.

New topic…I fucking HATE Christmas!!

I have a Critical Care Paramedic class I REALLY want to sign up for but I won’t be able to, I can’t afford it. Unless any of you out there is willing to lend me $2100?? Any takers?? I wish they had aid for it or something…but they don’t so I guess no class for me…at least not any time soon. Oh well I guess. I’m stuck in hell tomorrow so maybe I can come up with something…I will focus on that goal to keep my mind busy…

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