Don’t Forget the First Responders

Heaven gained some beautiful angles this week when they were stolen from their families. Their lives cut short, never knowing what they might have been, might have done. These beautiful babies, just starting their lives. Never getting their first dance, never getting to graduate, or drive a car, or learn to live.

But don’t forget those first responders, police, fire, and EMS, that arrived there, some entering without knowing where the shooter was, just to save a life. Don’t forget about them, what they saw, what they feel.

My worst fear in this career isn’t my injury, nor is it my death. My worst fear is being sent to a scene like this, or the Colorado shooting, or 9/11. My worst fear is being sent to a burning house only to pull a lifeless child from the building. My worst fear is watching an innocent child, so helpless, losing their life because of someone else. My worst fear was lived by these first responders.

I can’t imagine what they saw, how it will haunt their lives forever. I can’t imagine how helpless they felt, knowing there is little you can do. I can’t imagine how they felt telling parents their little angle was not coming home tonight.

So next time you complain about the firetruck delaying your trip, or the ambulance that caused more traffic, or those “Union Firefighters” that just sit around and want more money…think about what they have seen, what they have done, what they do every day for you. Think about those soldiers fighting for you right to judge and belittle the people that keep you safe every day.

7 responses to “Don’t Forget the First Responders

  1. Wonderful reminder.
    I was watching the response of the Medical Examiner and my heart just went out to him. Never imagining that he would ever in a million years ever be doing the job he had to do this last week.

  2. I worked in the ER when I first got out of college in Chicago hospitals. I saw death everyday, it depressed me so much I was drinking too much and had to change careers. Sometimes it is just too much to take.

    • I know that “too much to take”…I’m there, but not because of my patients…because of my coworkers.

      Death…it’s something I should probably post about again, because I have before. I seem to be able to disassociate myself when it comes to death, unless it’s a child, it doesn’t seem to bother me. If feels like a part of life, people come, people go…it just seems normal. I don’t know how to describe that and not sound heartless… : ( Sorry.

  3. Every year, I go through a debriefing of what I should do during tragedies in the E.R. Scary but we all should be prepared if it does happen although I know that we can not be totally prepare, at least emotionally if it does happens. Great post!

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