Messed Up World!

Thoughts and prays with the people effected by the Newtown, Connecticut shooting today. May God be with you.

With that said…what the fuck is wrong with people?!?!?! A fucking elementary school you heartless bastard?!?! 20 children dead and 6 adults are rumored. I hope you fucking suffer!!

And we do not need “gun control” and guns taken away because those jackass can still get them! Take the guns away from legal to own them citizens and you just make us sitting ducks! Criminals will always be able to get them!!!


2 responses to “Messed Up World!

  1. Children are the easiest targets to kill because of their vulnerability, so I’m not surprised that murderer chose school. Probably he tried to take revenge on something; also he may has some psychological trauma from childhood, which can explain why he went to the school.
    Anyway, I’m talking about psychological things, meanwhile some people are hurt. I believe that such tragedy has huge impact on citizens of Newtown. I hope this will force people to work so another accident like this won’t happen again.
    My condolences to all families of killed children!

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