He Doesn’t Get It

I was talking to my man about the test results today. In particular the results of the jackass Captain and his little move. To which my man replied with, “That can’t be causing PTSD, he was just joking around with you.” For the record, my man hates jackass with a passion! Hate is an understatement here, he cannot stand the guy and wants him to suffer and my man is not a violent person at all. I just could not believe he said what he did…it hurt. It hurt bad, right in the middle of my chest. I broke down. Instant tears and I hung up on him. Then I sent the following text:

You can’t tell me that what The jackass did won’t cause PTSD. You don’t know what it was like, how it hurt, how I felt, how I still fell! You have no idea what I went through! What it was like to have TWO other people WATCH what he did!!! I fucking hate myself for letting it happen! I think about it every single day! No one damn day goes by without thinking about it, wondering why me?! Why did I have to walk past him?! What did I do? Why did I let it happen to me! You don’t know how much it hurts! Then to have those two people take HIS side! I left my shift that day and cried! I cried myself to sleep for days. I was physically sick for a fuck month! I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I cried all the time! It makes me sick just thinking about it! And no one knows, no one understands. He put his nasty hands on me! And I do NOT find it as something that should be brushed off!! You have no idea what I’m going through!

All I got back was an, “I guess I don’t. Sorry.” Just great…that was not exactly a good response to defuse the situation. But since then he has listened and says he understands more. We’ll see, either way the damage is still done and I feel completely alone in this.

Am I overreacting? Should I just “get over it” and brush it off? Was it really that little of a deal and I’m making it into more?

I think I’m making it more than it was. I think it’s time to get over it, time to move on. He’s gone now, finally fired, so that means it’s been “taken care of.” Problem solved.

12 responses to “He Doesn’t Get It

  1. It sounds like a lack of communication and support, but that’s just my opinion. You can’t help how you feel. Some things take longer to get over no matter how bad you want to get past it…

  2. hey, I don’t think your over reacting, YOU DONT DESERVE TO EVER BE TREATED WITH DISRESPECT!!!! ESPECIALLY FROM A CO-WORKER OR EMPLOYEE! Its called Sexual harassment! and sure you COULD just get over it, but why should you have to. YOU were hurt and it was WAY inappropriate! You can stay mad as long as you’d like OR ya you can get over it, let it go move forward.. OR you do both, you can do the quote, “forgive and NEVER forget” thing, BUT at the end of the day, is what he did STOPPING you from being happy? living your life? enjoying the time with the guy, family friends, job? IF SO, id suggest going “FUCK YOU! i’m DONE!” Keep those evil things he did to you and or us here bc you know we DONT care what you say here, AND try and move forward with the other things in your life that are going well, like the guy! He may NOT understand but he’s probably never been in that situation, and guys tend to NEVER see why we women get so upset on things, little or big were upset, and they should learn a better response to us when it happens, but until then, id suggest just trying to drop what happened (as best as you can) and say from here on out its ME! I will live for Me, and not the horrible things i’ve gone through, bc though again I DONT know you, you have been through stuff and ONLY you can decide what the outcome is after all of that! All of those negative things daily we go through make us each a better or a worse person, and again may not know you, but from what i’m reading here, is you just are like every other 24yr old like myself out there, trying to survive, in a world full of men, who have egos WAY bigger then their dicks, these days we get treated like crap by some and wonderful by many. Allow those that treat you well into your life and those that have drama, or treat you negative in ANYWAY, call you a name, or say anything that offends you, kick them out of your life. Just let them go, YOU deserve to be happy! Everyone does, its not what happened its how you handle it! I believe your smart and know what you need and don’t need in your life! Take control even more then you have and start being the “Bitch” right back to assholes who say nasty things to you and think they can get away with it. the day you call them out on their shit they stop! TRUST ME! been there DONE that, I get guys, one a PD officer here in my state, telling me and I quote, “Id really just want to get you naked, fuck you, and then never see you again.. cool?” I responded with a big GO TO HELL! and I wont talk to him anymore! I might NOT make sense or quite understand everything that happened, but its my advice to you! keep going, don’t let them knock you down. YOU ARE WAY BETTER THEN ANY OF THOSE ASSHOLES!!! ❤

    hope this helps!

  3. You have to know that it was not you that caused any of this, you did nothing wrong, period. These were the actions of a sick man that will come back on him in a huge negative way at some point. I hate men like that, they give the rest of guys an image that none of us care, and it just is not true. You cant just get over it, but you do get the choice as to when you are going to let it go. You are doing a great job of focusing on the positives in life, so keep it up! See you on the beach:)

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