Blackest of Days

I remember when Black Friday actually fell on FRIDAY!

Well…holiday number one down and I spent it alone, with no turkey, ham, or any dinner really…I had a bag of chips…what a loser. I didn’t even have any friends or family that wanted to visit me while I was working. I guess I can’t blame them, they have regular jobs and had family plans, but it just sucks royally. Now I just have to survive Christmas…I get to be a lonely loser then too! Another holiday at work…at least the crew is better this time, for now anyway.

7 responses to “Blackest of Days

  1. Your not a loser! Other peoples choices in life do not make you a loser. You spent your holiday going out and helping others, do work around the station that others won’t do. That my friend puts you way closer to the hero category than a loser:)

  2. Agree with Rocksforbrains also – Your doing the work none of the other guys seem to want to do. Obviously they don’t understand the importance of clean & properly working equipment on a call and Obviously you – Put you in class above.

    You aren’t a loser. Not having a many friends does not make you a loser and you have more friends than you might think – or at least people who care. Your “family” saying you are a loser doesn’t make you a loser either. You were born and therefore have value. You are special in your own way – Finding out what that way is may be difficult (believe me I know, I’m still trying to figure that out for myself).

    Keep Living, Keep Fighting,

    • I’m working on things, on my own, but working. I feel like a loser, but I guess since everyone says I’m not, I’m not. I don’t know, I really struggle with this whole thing…

      • I know you are, and I know you do. I wish you could get the help that you desire – the right kind of help, not bullshit & crap. Wish I could give you some wonderful expert answer but I #1) am no expert and #2) have no answers. All I can do is listen, offer encouragement, and remind you that I am here to listen.

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