Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers out there. Are you enjoying your Turkey Day? I sure hope you are! I hope it’s filled with family and friends and laughter.

I’m stuck at work today, “hell” job of all places. And of course I’m stuck with ex-lieutenant too…great. So the little weasel (more on him later) is working with me too. The weasel came in this morning asking if I got a text from Mr. Ex-Lieutenant about dinner. Of course I didn’t, no one ever includes me. Apparently Mr. Ex-Lieutenant’s wife is cooking dinner for the crew and bringing the family down. Wonderful. And guess who’s not included on dinner? Yours truly. I don’t blame them though, if I were his wife, I wouldn’t cook for me either after what I did to him. I think I’m going to avoid being there, I don’t want to see her. I know she blames me, everyone does. Who wouldn’t?

So that’s my day. I’m tired, not doing too good, and have no family to go home to for things to get better…I’m a loser. I usually work holidays to avoid the problems, but that’s not helping because work is full of problems.

4 responses to “Turkey Day

  1. you’re not a loser, and weasel guy is only trying to rub it in and get a reaction from you. Do your best and rise above it, you’re far more worthy than they sound.
    Anyway Happy Thanksgiving to you, and here’s a virtual toast to you for a better and happier future

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