Distract Me!

I need a distraction, quick. I’m lonely. I’ll admit it. I spent Thanksgiving completely alone. Not invited by my crew to dinner. My man had his kids over and though I’m sure I could have gone there, I didn’t want to interrupt. And I can’t stand his youngest, she’s just a horrible child. My mom’s side of the family did their stuff earlier today, so I missed that. The only people I wanted to see were my cousins, the boys that have kept me alive. My dad’s side of the family was having stuff later, but I refused to go after work. I just don’t want to see everyone.

So help me. I need a distraction. Ask questions. Tell me a story. Anything. Just distract me!

8 responses to “Distract Me!

  1. Looks like I am too late with a good story, don’t really have one anyway. Hope that you were able to watch a movie or something. Did you get a chance to get away to do some more surfing:)

  2. I’m probably too late as well……hope you spent some time on the X box.
    I had an impromptu caching trip this morning which helped me get out the house for a while today too, although I’ve got a 1001 things that I should be doing at home, like packing a bag for ES to go to cub camp tonight and going to the postal office to post some items out.

    Surfing sounds cool, something I’ve always fancied having a go at. Did have a body board once upon a time, probably hiding away with all the other stuff still over at my mums house. If and when I ever go back and am allowed in, maybe I’ll pick it up, the kids would love it

  3. here we go I’ve got a story for you now……just got back from post office to find some logs on my caches. One had been given a needs maintenance log, stating that the log was missing!
    As it’s not too far away I decided to drive out and double check, although by the nature of the cache I did think that they hadn’t looked for it properly. So off I go, get there retrieve cache, open box, and soon have my hands on the log sheet. Grrrr.
    Knew it was still there and they hadn’t looked for it properly.
    The cache on 1st look is a normal box, but inside there are lots of other little containers, and nothing else, but these other little containers. Inside one of the containers is the log sheet, so they hadn’t bothered to check all the little containers inside the out protective box……
    not all caches are what they seem on 1st impressions.

    So if you had found a similar type of cache, would you have just assumed that there was no log in it, or would you have done as everyone else seems to have done, and worked your way through all the other little containers until you found the log sheet?

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