Day 17

I’m thankful for my family ruining my life! Thank you for beating me daily and telling me what a worthless person I am! It’s sure making for one awesome fucking easy life! I hope you’re proud of yourself because no one has ever been proud of me!

I’ve had my suicide letter written to you assholes for almost 17 years now, keep this shit up and you will get it soon! Thank you for continuing to push me closer to the edge, it’s just what I need, it helps make my decision an easy one. You love kicking a person when they’re down, it’s fun isn’t it? I sure hope you’re enjoying this fuckers!

7 responses to “Day 17

  1. It’s time for you to cut off any ties with your family. If you are living with any of them move out. This might not have to be forever but it has to be for now. No contact, none, period. You have to do this for your well being. Right now their words have too much power in your life. Let them go fuck themselves so you can take care of you.

    • What rocks said…. I hate to sound like a psychiatrist…. “If you just get blank out of your life everything will be perfect” – yeah heard that crap when I was seeing a psychiatrist years ago (infact 2 different times in my life)…. But in this case I think it’s true. Your family is bringing you down. You need to be surrounded by people who care and value you!! Not by Asshole Fuckers.

      • I won’t say “I know what your going through” or “I can relate” because… well… that’s impossible…. But I know what you mean about psychiatrists making matters worse (not saying they’re all bad). I found it frustrating that the ones that I saw seemed to think that there was some simple easy – magic – solution to my frustration with the way my life was going. That and other factors have made me reluctant to want to go to psychiatrist again.

    • I know I need to cut ties with them. They have conditioned me to believe I am a horrible person and will be an even more horrible person if I don’t do as they say. I just feel like such a failure.

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