IOS 6…Fail!

I love my iPhone, have loved every single one I have gotten! I laugh every time someone gets an Android and have problems. Sorry, just a major Apple fan. Now, with that said…your updates SUCK!!! Have been trying for 7 hours on my phone and it won’t freaking install! WTF?! Love the update on my iPad but why do I always manage to have trouble installing on my phone?? It gets almost to the very end then fail. Nothing. Just a little frustrating.

Other than that minor problem, life is…well, good minus this mornings incident. Little needle stick at work. Another fail. See, “hell” is full of a LOT of LAZY people!! And once again I found my truck dirty, understocked, and just a freaking mess!! Was cleaning up and bam, fucking needle to the hand! Freaking hurt! And blood too. Sigh. Since we aren’t sure if it was a “clean” or “dirty” needle, I was sent for the full workup. Problem is they don’t have a “patients” blood to compare mine too. Bummer. So for the record here, I hate needles, got stuck by one and they sent me to get stuck by more. Double fail. And needless to say, that did not increase my mood. The freaking vein is VISIBLE! You can SEE it!! AND feel it!! The idiot missed! THREE TIMES!!!!!! Triple fail! : ( I about grabbed the damn thing and did it myself. She got my damn muscle or something because I had tears. I have NEVER had a blood draw hurt so freaking bad! OMG! So I left in tears and a killer ache in my arm. And guess what…in 6 months I get to go back…great…just what I’m looking forward to! Anyone wanna go for me??

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