Catching Up

I have been a bad blogger lately, I’m sorry. Been working on editing pictures, finding geocaches, hiding geocaches, and creating some trackables. Life in general has been keeping me busy.

My man has been doing great following me and my energy around. : ) I try to remember that he doesn’t have all the energy I do, especially given my ADHD, but he does a great job of keeping up with me. He’s very supportive in my photography and calls himself my “bag bitch.” He also loves geocaching with me and will even follow me to the questionable ones. I’ve accidentally gotten him poison ivy, hives, and chiggers before. : ( I’m not allergic to poison ivy, the chiggers didn’t get me, and hives were so minor they didn’t bother me. It’s weird, recently I found out I’m getting an allergy to peanuts and peppers, but I’m no longer allergic to poison ivy.

My partner the other day at work…well he’s apparently VERY allergic! Oops! He wanted to learn about geocaching and told me to take him to one I haven’t found yet…well somewhere in looking for it we must have gotten into poison ivy because he has it bad! But wants to geocache tomorrow again when we’re both working together! : ) We call it “road familiarization’ but the boss knows what that means considering he’s gone geocaching with us before. He thinks it’s awesome and lets us go as long as our work is done. How awesome right?

I recently got my first, First To Find, and it was awesome! I reported to work at, shift change is so early that the sun doesn’t come up for another 2-3 hours, but my phone went off with new caches hidden in town! What luck! So in the dark, I headed out! Ran across a little 70 year old couple out there caching too! It was awesome, I don’t normally run into geocachers, but they were great! We cached together until the sun came up and we had them all. Then back to work for me. : ) That was the day I taught my partner what geocaching was. He has been hooked since!

Other than that, I have nothing to report. Life has been all work with geocaching mixed in, nothing else. My man has been good to me, though I’m not sure I can say I have been as good to him. I hate that, but they are working on testing new ADHD medicine with me and it’s been screwing with my moods. I finally gave up and went back to adderall and added some vitamins to help with my a-fib problem with my heart. All seems to be helping some. My heart has rarely had a problem and my moods are better if I take the meds on time…don’t worry, my man reminds me! Ha! He can tell when I haven’t taken them. Just one more reason why I love him, he puts up with these mood changes, still loves me and tries to help me though it. I love him!