2 responses to “I Tried…

  1. That is so bad. See if your county has a mental health department, sometimes they offer free programs to talk to someone. Pick a professional in the phone book and call them, some of them will do pro bono work or very discounted at the least. They might be able to refer you someone else that they know of.
    I am so sorry that you are in this place in life. I dont want to bore you with my story. there was a time that I didnt know how I was going to make it through the day. I found some help, and it has gotten better. I still have those days where I wonder about my existance, but there are other days that I am brought to tears by the beauty I find in life.
    Take a break from your family and be around your man as much as you can. Plan a big adventure with him so you have something to look forward to. Remember that there are people that care:)

    • My man and I have a big adventure planned and I am doing the best I can to stay focused on it! I really am! But these assholes keep ruining that for me.

      I have found a number to call, I’m going to try to find help. I need a counselor, I know I do, I just can’t afford it so I’m going to see if anyone will help me for very little money. The last counselor I saw, one the school provides, was horrible! Told me things were no ones fault but my own, told me to change everything about me, did more talking than I did…it was bad! I’m kind of afraid to go back…

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