Missing My Man – Day 2

Day 2 is officially here which means…my man comes home tomorrow!!! And I can’t tell you how happy I am about that!! I can’t wait to see him again. It feels like FOREVER since we last go to hang out. Though I won’t get to see him for long, thanks for work and life, I will get a least an hour or 2 with him which is better than nothing. : )

I came down with a horrible migraine yesterday, had tears the whole hour drive home. It was horrible. My medicine was helping, but only if I kept taking it. I took 3 pills that day and did not want to take more. I just got home as quickly as I could. My man had enough service to call and though I don’t want to ruin his trip, I just cried. I hurt so bad. He felt bad too since he couldn’t be here to help take care of me (something he says he loves to do, he’ll swear by it!). I didn’t want him to know I was suffering but I couldn’t take it anymore. Besides, he could tell in my voice that I was in pain, he knows me too well to even try to hide that.

Today I’m better, hurting some but it’s a functioning migraine. I hope to make it through work today and go home for some much needed rest and sleep. When my man gets back things will get better! I’m looking forward to that. Then we both return to work for two day straight. It’s hard going this long without seeing him, but it happens. After tomorrow I’m not sure when I’ll see him again because I’m sending his butt to his other job (at least during the day) before they cut him. He wanted this new job, so I want to make sure he keeps it. I won’t stand in the way of that. Maybe in the evening we’ll have a chance to see each other before we return to work for a few more days.

I’m missing my best friend more than ever today!

One response to “Missing My Man – Day 2

  1. I personally see nothing wrong with your relationship with your man. I am sorry that your family doesn’t understand. But it could be more of a control issue on their part instead of them not actually “liking” your man. I know most moms want only the best for their daughters, as I do mine. But some moms think that unless you do exactly as they say, you are disobeying/rebelious. You should continue as you are and enjoy your love while you can.

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