Age Does Matter

Yes, I said it. I believe love is where you find it, love will find it’s way, and all the other age gap love quotes out there, however I also believe age does make a difference in the relationship. For example, if it weren’t for his age he wouldn’t have the patience to deal with me. I’ve been struggling lately with my past and the problems I’ve developed from it. I’m having a hard time lately and I know that if it weren’t for his age, he wouldn’t be here trying to help me through it. Our age difference is a wonderful thing in our relationship, it’s made for a unique bond. He’s helping me learn all the skills he’s developed in his life.

But with all good comes some bad. My family is still showing no “understanding” or “acceptance” of using being just friends, let alone lovers. Some days I really struggle with this too. As much bad and horrible stuff my family has put me though, I still have this desire to have them in my life. I’m letting it bother me too much lately and I know I need to let it go. I know it doesn’t matter what anyone things, I love him and that is all that matters. He’s been trying to be helpful and understand for me, but we both know in this society it’s more acceptable for him to be with me, than it is for me to be with him. This society is too closed minded, but it’s starting to be more accepted. Some days I wish our age difference was much smaller so people would understand more, other days I’m glad for our age difference because we make it though struggles more easily.

So all in all, I wouldn’t trade my age gap relationship for anything! I’m glad he’s the man by my side and I can’t wait to start a family with him. I just hope he can life a long and happy life and plan to get the most out of each day together. I’m so grateful to have my older man in my life!

Side note: he’s been very helpful and right there by my side when I plan a day to go take pictures. I’ve been getting some really good shots and dropped off my first set to sell last week. I got some amazing pictures in the city this past weekend, however to protect my location I unfortunately can’t share them here. If you want a chance to see them, e-mail me at and I will consider sharing them with you. I’m not one for cities, in fact I hate going there more than anything! But I did get some awesome photos from the visit. Some so good that my friends has a company looking into getting some of them! : ) How exciting!

Now I just need to decide when to go back to school and finish my bachelor degree. I got accepted into a local university with a small scholarship, like enough money to cover 1/2 a class…it’s something I guess. I can’t decided if I should wait or put myself into more debt now and more importantly…what to go for. Guess it’s time to start deciding.

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