Return to Hell

It’s the end of the day and I survived. I was less than thrilled to return to work, I’ve enjoyed my time off! It was WONDERFUL! Not dealing with the people and their bullshit…it was the best thing ever! But I agreed to go back and give the Police Chief a chance to fix everything…so far…nothing has changed. They still ignore me, avoid me, and are still more lazy than ever!

I pretty much expected the trucks and station to be in total crap condition because before I took the month off, I was one of the few that cleaned stuff. In fact, out of the people that work on a regular basis, besides the few full time staff, I was the only one that cleaned! Well, came in to dirt on the trucks so thick you could right in it, bugs splatter all across the front, so bad you couldn’t see, mud all over the floors, dried blood, dirt all over the seats, nothing had been wiped down or disinfected in weeks…it was NASTY!! I couldn’t believe it, but then again I should, it happens all the time. The amount of laziness there is just unbelievable!

My first day back wasn’t all bad, it just sucked in general. I hate cleaning up after everyone all the time. However, they weren’t “mean” to me…just ignored me like usual. Just did my work, kept my mouth shut and didn’t say a word to anyone about anything. I was stuck with the Lieutenant, well I guess now it’s ex-Lieutenant, and even he wouldn’t say anything to me. This is part of why he lost his title and pay, along with his comment, but the Police Chief expects you to lead by example and he isn’t doing well in that roll.

So all in all, it wasn’t too bad of a day, still not looking forward to my other shifts this month.

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