Last Meeting…I Hope

I had my meeting with the Police Chief today to determine if I’m going to come back to work or not, at this time…I’m unfortunately returning, only because I need the money. I’m praying I don’t have to stay long. I hope I can find another job and get out ASAP!! The meeting went really well, I was in complete control. He was super nice and very friendly! Had those scary eyes turned off from the moment I meet with him, I need to thank him for that.

After sitting down, I informed him that I will be returning to work starting August 1st and he had the biggest sign of relief I have ever heard. He thanked me for coming back. Told me he was glad I am giving him a chance to fix everything. We discussed that I need to let him know right away if something happens, not wait several months, I agreed to do so.

He also informed me that the Lieutenant that called me the “chief’s little bitch” has been demoted, received 3 days unpaid suspension, and had to go to remediation training. The Captain that laid his hands on me received demotion to just Paramedic, no supervisor position at all, 30 days unpaid suspension, and also has to go to training. Unfortunately they would not fire him because it had been too long since the incident, however he is on an extremely short chain and will be fired if he screws up in any way, not just by messing with me. I thanked him for the meeting and listening to me, then I went my way.
This afternoon I received the following e-mail:


This is just a follow-up to our meeting today.  You have withdrawn you resignation and you are going to continue to work with the EMS department.

I want to reiterate what I told you today.  Although I cannot make people invite you to dinner or ask you on a daily basis to participate in activities, I cannot fix problems related to inappropriate workplace behavior when I have no idea that it is going on.   You must report inappropriate workplace behavior through the chain of command, unless of course, it involves individuals in the chain of command.  You must report inappropriate workplace behavior immediately and not wait weeks or months.

We value you as an employee of the City and look forward to you continuing to work with us.



He truly wants to fix everything for me. He told me this over and over in the meeting. He wants to protect me. I hope he can…

Oh, and since work comp is not paying me, he is going to see to it that the city pays me for my missed shifts. Thank you Chief!! : )

4 responses to “Last Meeting…I Hope

  1. Sometimes hanging in there does have rewards. Let us know how it goes. I have been in this situation before and it stinks.

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