Migraine Day 2

Day two of a migraine. My man has been over yesterday and today caring for me the best he can. He hates seeing me suffer, he said it breaks his heart. After 48 hours of suffering and just getting worse, he called my doctor. Naturally she is out of town for the week but another doctor in the office approved a new pain medicine for me with the promise to come in next week.

Thank you God! And thank you to this doctor! I’m not 100% better, have a slight ache in my head, if you have migraines you know what I’m talking about, but this stuff is working better than anything I’ve ever tried!! Finally! Something that works!! I will only use it if I have to because it’s a narcotic, which can be very addicting and I don’t want that. But when I truly need it, I know it’s going to work! Finally! Let’s just hope it stays working!

3 responses to “Migraine Day 2

  1. Hope you feel better. Have you checked your glucose levels and blood pressure? It’s best to check them fasting and in the early morning. I used to have migranes until I discovered it was linked to my diabetes that I did not know I had. Now by controlling my carb intake it has cut the headaches dramatically.

    • Glucose is fine. I get very low sugar levels, so we monitor it. Mine is ok today. My BP also stays low, in the 100/60 range, when it goes up I get migraines. Also when I get a migraine it goes up, sometimes it’s hard to tell which came first.

      I get migraine regularly, sometimes 5 or more times a week, and they can’t figure out the cause. Usually they last a few hours and go away, but lately they have been lasting longer.

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