This week I was dispatched to a “injury at work” call. A case of soda fell 6 inches to the patients shoulder and she called 911. This is what we refer to as a “get my lawyer” call in EMS. Since there was a complaint of neck/back pain the patient got a backboard. This was total bs because she stated she was bleeding but when we went to look she said she “cleaned it up” and there was no mark…uh huh!

Anyway due to the patient’s weight it took 6 people to move her from the EMS stretcher to the hospital bed. In the process my finger got stuck between the backboard and oxygen regulator. More specifically, there is a little metal port that sticks out on the regulator and that’s what got my finger. This resulted in immediate swelling and extreme pain!

Two days later, this is what it looks like…



Work sent me to the doctor and after an X-ray the doctor said, “The swelling is too bad to determine if there is a fracture but there is definitely injury to the joint.” FML! No lifting of more than 3lbs with my hand and no gripping anything!! Oh and stuck in this stupid splint for a week while it’s 100 degrees outside and my pool is screaming my name!! And at least a week off work, great because it’s the job I’m going through hell in, bad because I’m freaking bored!!!!!!


5 responses to “Injured

  1. Honey I don’t know how much the person you rescued was…but I swear to you that there a 600 pound man at my workplace and we worry daily if he is going to make it through the day. He cannot walk more than 10 feet before he HAS to sit down and catch his breath. AND the worst part is because he is so large he smells of poop because 1) he cannot clean himself properly when taking a shower and 2) he cannot reach his private parts to clean up after a trip to the toilet. This man is very smart and excellent computer tech but it makes you wonder how people can get themselves into a mess like this. Oh and I forgot to add that he had a hernia operation a few years ago and I guess it went wrong somehow because honestly, telling the truth here….he now has a horrible “growth” that came from the hernia and it hangs down his leg inside the pant and on top of his weight now he looks like he has a bull’s ball laying on top of his leg. I would simply starve myself to death if I ever went over 250. I say that because I have been at 200 before. Wow, you really got me started here with the large victim in your post. Love your blog.

    • Ok, so this patient wasn’t as large as most we transport but she was easily 400lbs!! I don’t know how people can let theirselves get that big!! Nasty!! And sounds like you know exactly what I’m talking about…yuk!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. P. S. So sorry you got hurt trying to help the large person. I see no reason you can’t get in the pool. You can bandage it up with waterproof tape after wrapping it securely with a plastic bag. I know…not cool at the pool…but at least you would be able to at least get in.

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