Apparently I forgot to mention I was due for surgery…oops! My bad. Yesterday I had minor surgery, it was NOTHING like wisdom teeth! Thank God! Just minor mouth surgery.

I have my parents teeth, HORRIBLE! No matter what I do, how much I brush, I will always get cavities. My parents never took care of what my teeth needed so last September I spent $4,400 on just the UPPER portion of my teeth! Dentists are too damn expensive!!! After that I had to have my wisdom teeth taken out…$2300, shitty service, pain two months after, and numbness…fml! So yesterday I was scheduled to get a tooth fixed that I broke a whole back…found out I now have to get the tooth extracted. : ( An infection got in and ruined the tooth.

I need a rich man!! I so do not have the money for this!! 😥 Help!!

8 responses to “Surgery

  1. ahhh that explains the whole surgery thing…. I see you have another “SunShine Blogger” Nomination!! Way to go 🙂

      • 🙂 I know what you mean. I kinda feel same way about mine. I never know if I’m writing good enough that people will want to read & come back.

      • Exactly! I never feel like I’m writing enough, or that my ADHD is making it too confusing for people to keep up…man my mind wonders to new topics quickly! And lately I’ve been posting a lot! I bet people are getting tied of hearing from me! Oh well, I guess since it’s my blog I can do as I please? I don’t know…

      • In a Word YES…. It’s your blog = write what you want to write!!! Don’t worry about if is perfect or not. I doubt people are tiring of you and if they are well… We should all be “bigkids” here…. There’s always ignore/unfollow

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