This week I was dispatched to a “injury at work” call. A case of soda fell 6 inches to the patients shoulder and she called 911. This is what we refer to as a “get my lawyer” call in EMS. Since there was a complaint of neck/back pain the patient got a backboard. This was total bs because she stated she was bleeding but when we went to look she said she “cleaned it up” and there was no mark…uh huh!

Anyway due to the patient’s weight it took 6 people to move her from the EMS stretcher to the hospital bed. In the process my finger got stuck between the backboard and oxygen regulator. More specifically, there is a little metal port that sticks out on the regulator and that’s what got my finger. This resulted in immediate swelling and extreme pain!

Two days later, this is what it looks like…



Work sent me to the doctor and after an X-ray the doctor said, “The swelling is too bad to determine if there is a fracture but there is definitely injury to the joint.” FML! No lifting of more than 3lbs with my hand and no gripping anything!! Oh and stuck in this stupid splint for a week while it’s 100 degrees outside and my pool is screaming my name!! And at least a week off work, great because it’s the job I’m going through hell in, bad because I’m freaking bored!!!!!!


My Totally Awesome Man!

This blog was created to talk about my relationship with a man who just happens to be a little bit older than me. He is my rock. He’s making my life so much better. He loves me so much and just adores me. He’s done so much for me and I love being with him! Right now I’m missing my awesome man. He’s stuck at work. I had a dentist appointment today and so far he has taken me to all these appointments. I have horrible teeth, I take after my parents and grandparents. I was ruined from the beginning. I care for my teeth like crazy, but it just doesn’t do much for me. Anyway, lately I have had a lot of work done to fix all these problems and my man has taken me to all of them. Not today…

I had to get the permanent crown put on and I did awesome!! Go me! Zero shots, zero nitrous…just got it done. The dentist even told me what an awesome job I did. We discussed it too. I’m a little shit, just a tiny “100lb soaking wet” type of girl. For some reason my body metabolized medicine too quickly. It took triple the normal dose to keep me sedated when I got my other work done. The numbing shots don’t work, never have. My current dentist has been doing a great job with me taking care of making me comfortable and helped me through it all. Almost all of it done today, just a few more appointments to go but they don’t have to be done for another year. I’m proud of myself though, did all of this on my own. Go me!

We have a date night planned soon, which I’m super excited for! It’s been a while since we’ve gone out alone and had a good time. Lately we’ve gone out a lot with other people or just sat around at home but we’re planning a night out soon to have a good time. I can’t wait! I love nights out with my man! I’ve never been one for clubbing but enjoy a nice dinner and a drink or two. We also have another nice camping trip planned, this one alone, and I’m so ready for that too! His birthday is coming up but he said he’s not celebrating, he’s just going to pretend it doesn’t exist until I can catch up! If only…

Calling All My Readers!

Over the years I have taken a lot of pictures and a few of my friends have told me I should get into photography on the side. A friend of mine owns a frame shop and I was considering asking her to try and sell a few there to see how it goes, but I’m not sure. So I’m asking for your honest opinion here! I want the 100% truth no matter how bad it is. I’ve been told I have a good eye, but I’m not sure. These pictures have been taken all over, Florida, Missouri, Colorado, Hawaii, and I’m not sure where else. Most of my pictures are from vacations.

So let me know what you think. Leave a comment. Should I get into this and try to see my pictures? Or just stay hidden and take the pictures for myself? I’ve included a few examples, so tell me what you think. Answer the poll or comment, your choice. Thank you!

The Real Reason

Not really sending this, just needed to write to get things off my mind.

Chief Blank,

There are many reasons why I resigned my position with “said department” which I would like to share with you. These are things I did not feel should be included in my resignation letter, however I feel you should know them. Things have been bad at the department for me from the beginning and it just never stopped, things became too much for me. These people here have pushed me to the end of my rope on more than one occasion, but recently I started to question this more and decided I will no longer allow that.

You asked me in the meeting we had not to quit and to give you the chance to fix this, I honestly had full intentions of this when I left. I have full faith and trust in you, I know you want to fix this and help me but the more I started thinking the more I realized that you can’t really help me. These people never stop. These problems have been going on for too long and happen too often for you to keep up and fix them all, it’s just not possible. The problems will never stop

I really am sorry for not giving you the chance to fix this, but you have much more important things to take care of, you don’t need to be worrying about this. I realized that all of these problems come from me, they all involve me, and the best thing I can do to take care of the problem is quit. It’s really that simple. I don’t want to take up your time with these problems, this is why I never came to you in the beginning.

The amount of laziness and lack of appreciation here has also made my decision to quit easier. I work hard over here with very little help and the only appreciation and thanks I get comes from Chief Blank2. I get satification knowing that I’m doing my job and I try to do it well, but when you do it for this long with little to no help, it gets tiring. I love going to PR events, I don’t mind working around the station, I like keeping a clean truck, but when I watch the full time staff with the highest pay not help or appreciate myself, the lowest paid employee, it just makes me not care much anymore. It’s hard to keep motivated when you’re making the least amount of money and the highest paid staff isn’t right there next to you. It won’t stop me from working hard, I like to earn every penny I make, but it makes me not want to come in here anymore.

I was worried about retaliation from my co-workers because no matter what anyone tries to do to protect someone, they will be retaliated against, it’s just how the world works. Without me here, there is no need to worry about that retaliation and it has brought me some relief knowing that. I haven’t been eating or sleeping in weeks, not since things really took a turn for the worse here, but now I have taken comfort in knowing I don’t have to put up with it much longer.

I worried about you talking to Captain Dumbass about the situation, however knowing that I am not returning I no longer worry about this. He has been going around telling people that he is finally getting fired for what he did to me, this is part of why my life at “said department” has gotten worse. I never told anyone, not until our meeting, however I did not divolgue everything that happened between myself and Captain Dumbass. I’m embarassed by it, I just can’t bring myself to talk about it. I found a document on my computer that was written shortly after the events which I have attached to this e-mail for you to read. I know this matter should have been brought to you much sooner, I am truly sorry about that.

I have enough to deal with in my life, I don’t need these people to ruin it anymore than they already have. I am really sorry to waste you time sitting down with you, bringing all these problems to the table and then quit shortly after, but that was not my intention. During our meeting when you asked what you could do to fix this, at that moment I realized that there truly wasn’t anything you could do to fix this situation. This stuff have been going on for far too long to fix. The only true fix for this is for me to resign and the problems will take care of themselves.

I appreciate the experience and opportunity I have had here at “said department”. I really hate to leave, I like working in small town “job”, I get a lot of appreciation and thank yous when out around town and I love that part of my job. However my co-workers have overpowered that part and it’s no longer enough to keep me here. I really will miss it. Things like “one event”, “another event”, 4th of July, they are things I look forward to. I enjoy getting out and working with the public, but it’s not enough to keep me here anymore, I’m sorry.

I appreciation you sitting down, listening to me, and offering to fix these problems, but that isn’t possible for one person. I appreciate the opportunity to work for this orginization and hope you well. I hope you keep a good mind if any future employement calls for recommendation.

Thank you for everything you have done,

I Quit!

Chief Blank,

I hereby resign my position with “said department” effective two weeks from Monday, June 18, 2012. Thank you for granting the leave of absence during the month of July, however after my last shift in June I will not be returning. I made a mistake by coming and talking to you, there is no fixing this which I realized during our meeting. I appreciate you taking the time to listen to me and I am very sorry for wasting your time. Please send my apology to Mr. Administrator.

I will contact “office one” to turn all my equipment after my last shift.

Thank you for the opportunity to work for this organization, I appreciate the experience it has offered me for future employment.