Finally starting my new job tomorrow and I am extremely nervous! I haven’t been practicing as a paramedic since I finished my student run time in November and it’s got me scared…help!! I guess it’s going to be an early night of sleep for me and tomorrow I can share about my first official day!

Unfortunately I don’t get to see my OM man until the end of this week. Tomorrow is his kids birthday so he’s taking him on a float trip, I’m all for it and cool with it, but it just sucks I can’t see him. That and his children aggravate me a lot…his son, the oldest and who’s birthday it is, has no job, got fired for selling pot on the property in front of cameras, and can’t find another one. He’s living at home rent free and his dad is paying for everything and he expects his dad to PAY HIM to do house chores…uh, pardon my language but FUCK NO!!

Then next one down..she’s not much better. Can’t hold a job, has a kid, living off the government. Baby’s daddy is all whacked out, has been calling off work and refusing to leave his room because the pawn shop sold his playstation…seriously?!?! Neither of them can get, nor hold a job. I turned in one friend for using the government…I’m just tired of people living off our money! There are far too many of them.

Finally there is the youngest kid…she’s a piece of work but at least she works. She’s a total bitch though! Complete bitch to her dad and everyone. Then is going on vacation with a friend and had to nerve to ask her dad, who just quit one of his many jobs, for money because she doesn’t have any for the vacation…uh, again…FUCK NO! I don’t get it…I could never pull the shit they do without feeling bad. I was raised better I guess, or more like just raised in fear of my parents.

I just hate all the crap they put him through daily, it’s not fair to him. : ( My older mans sister has all kinds of money and wants him to move out there with her and she said his kids are in no way allowed to follow him!! Everyone knows how horrible they are. I just don’t get it, I don’t see how you can live your life like they do.

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