4 responses to “Silent Sunday-New Car : )

  1. Funny, I was just at the Ford dealership today but we could not decide on the value of my trade-in so the deal was off. Congrats on the new car!

    • Just have to find a dealership that is willing to do the deal. I’m set on Chevy’s so I knew a Chevy was what I wanted again. My current car is a 2001 Caviler with 178000 miles on it, which I kept because one of my jobs has a one way trip of 50 miles…ouch! But I needed something new and I love the Cruze the moment I saw one in an accident. The car took a direct impact from a tractor trailer and the driver of the Cruze walked away unharmed. Slight pain the next day but was fine, signed a refusal from us and had his wife take him to be checked out later that evening. Great little car.

      • I have read the reviews, it’s a decent car. Given the high demand, I don’t know if you can get one at a good deal. I read a lot of the magazine reviews… pretty unusual to see an American compact get a thumbs up from the magazines. Best of luck in acquiring the car!

      • There are plenty available where I live and several dealerships doing really good sales on them. Mine was valued at 21,500 and I paid under 19,000 with zero trade, zero down and a finance of 2.2%…not bad deal at all. Just have to find the place willing to take your money.

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