I logged into on the computer, something I tend to rarely do. I noticed that I had several more searches that brought people to my page and these I had to share. I really wish I could work for Google for a day and see the things people search! Or Siri and see the things people ask…it’d be awesome! Heck, today I needed to search something on good and started typing in “how to turn” and the first five suggestions that came up underneath it were: how to turn a guy on, how to turn a girl on, ow to turn off iphone, how to turn a decimal into a fraction, and how to turn off ipod. I just had to laugh. If you’re ever bored just start typing something in and see the suggestions come up…it’s interesting. Or hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button and see what other people have searched recently because it will take you to theirs. It’s entertaining.

Anyway…recent searches that have lead people to my page…

Water babies bottle of sunscreen – This one would have lead the person this post about ways to help your sunburn, if so, then I hope they person has learned a new trick I was taught because it’s worked great for me the few times I have been burnt!

Married man hugged and kissed another woman on forehead – I had to type this into google myself to figure out what it lead them to, after several pages in, they apparently read this post. I hope it gave them what they were looking for, but I doubt it. I always hate to see searches like that, but it seems to be a common search topic because stuff like that comes up quit often.

NREMT test sucks – First, I COMPLETELY agree with you here!! That test is HORRIBLE!! You look up the definition of “horrible” in the dictionary and the NREMT should be the first thing listed!! I also had to type this one into to google and see which post they came too. Oddly the very first listing on google brings you here showing several posts with NREMT listed. I’m curious how many people see this now and if NREMT themselves have come across it…I hope they know how horribly retarded that test is! None of the questions I had would do me any good as a paramedic on the truck…it’s just stupid! Anyone who has ever taken the test knows what I’m talking about.

Crazy geocache containers – After looking at 17 pages of google I still have no idea which post they saw. In my opinion, if it doesn’t exist on the first 3 pages of google then it doesn’t exist at all, but that’s just my ADHD kicking in. I’m sure they saw one or all of my geocaching posts, but I may never know on that one.

O shit im stuck – This one just makes me laugh reading it! I am extremely curious what about this lead them to my page, so again I google searched this myself. Well, after looking through 30 pages this time of some very interesting results I have no idea how it lead them to my page. If you find out, please share. This one has me the most curious.

What are people searching to find you?

4 responses to “WTF?!

  1. totally agree with the NREMT exam, IT IS HORRIBLE!!! it will NEVER prove how good I am in the truck or how much I genuinely know!!! ITS BS! I wrote that in their survey thing after taking it this last week! 🙂

    • Congrats on passing!!!! And it’s the furthest thing from what they say…”it will accurately measure your ability to comprehend information and show you are competent in your knowledge to work in this field”…fuck that! It shows how good you are at guessing!! Ha my entire class…if ANY of them showed up to help me, I don’t care if a limb is missing, I’m walking to the damn hospital!!!

      • Yup.. I know the feeling, we had the same thing in our group.. and I’m positive there are those all over the place.. two broken legs and these certain people came up to help I’d crawl or walk myself to the ER. I’d absolutely refuse care. If I don’t trust you with me, I’d never trust you with my family members.. some people as good as they are at taking tests should never be allowed in EMS.

      • I will drag my ass to the hospital before any of these idiots take me! If I’m dying…well just let me go! And I wouldn’t trust them with my family either…minus my mom, dad, and sister! lol

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