Sunburnt? I have a fix!

It’s that time of year. Today is hit a grand total of 92 degrees…not normal for April! It’s been crazy weather lately, hot to cold to hot again. Today they forecasted 87 degrees so when we went fishing I didn’t bother with sunscreen. Let’s just say that wasn’t the best idea. However, a few years ago I found an amazing cure for sunburn that several dermatologist have recommended. It takes the burning feeling and heat out of your skin, calms the red color, and will usually (if applied right away and twice a day minimum) keep your skin from peeling. It’s always better to prevent the burn all together, but if you do end up a tad crispy, then try this.

You will need to pick up the Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen. I know what you’re thinking…sunscreen? On the burn? Shouldn’t I have used this before? Trust me! You will not be disappointed!! Ok, you need to make sure you get the right now (pictured below), it needs to be in the pink bottle and be the sunscreen lotion, NOT the foaming or spray can kind (these won’t work).

Once you have the proper product start applying right away. Do not put anything else on under this. Also, do NOT take a cold shower!! This makes it worse! In fact, if you feel the need to shower first, make the shower as hot of water as you can stand! Trust me again, you will start to feel better after. Cold water closes your pores and keeps the heat trapped in when you get out of the shower, hot water will open those pores and all the heat to escape offering relief. Apply the Coppertone at least twice a day (morning and evening) and use plenty. Make sure you fully rub it in so it can absorb into the skin. If you watch the red will start to go away right away and as the days progress your red skin will turn to a nice tan.

Once again, it’s always recommended to use sunscreen to prevent the burn, but sometimes it just happens (even with sunscreen). So next time you are out and get a little more crispy than expected, try this for your burn. I’m using it right now. : ) Healing as we speak. I couldn’t wait to get home and get this on my arms and legs to feel the relief. I’m so thankful for learning this that I felt it would be good to pass on.

Please note that I am not trying to sell a product here, not what my blog is about, but I have tried the “off brands” and it doesn’t work as well. It has to be the Coppertone Water Babies or it doesn’t work as well. Feel free to check out their website with other products to help your sun needs, including “tear free” stuff for your children.

2 responses to “Sunburnt? I have a fix!

  1. and we can get it in the uk too. Woohooo. Thanks for the tip. I’m a factor 50 girl, but occasionally get caught out without. Could have done with this last yr. My legs got a tad crispy. I’ve not peeled like that for decades!

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