10 Reasons to Date an Older Man

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1. He knows what he wants, and is not afraid to ask for it. He doesn’t have the shyness a young guy has, he knows that if he doesn’t ask, the battle has already been lost.

2. He is more mature, both emotionally and mentally. Not saying that he isn’t fun, he’ll still have his moments of being a little boy. However, he is much better at handling his thoughts and emotions, less likely to have an outburst or a dramatic episode, at least not publicly. He is more pragmatic, less reactive. When it come to a situation, he is more likely to think through the situation before reacting to it irrationally. he is also less likely to be manipulative, or much better at doing it.

3. He is more caring, but he won’t treat you like a child. The way he shows that he cares is more subtle, less…

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New Car, Bad Day

As you saw from my post yesterday, I got myself a new car! So exciting!! I have never bought a new car so it was a big step for me. I have an older Chevy Caviler that has 178,000 miles on it and still going strong, but I need to upgrade and get something newer just in case. I decided not to trade in the Caviler because currently one of my jobs has a 50 mile ONE WAY trip to get to and I also want something I don’t care as much about to run around in and rack up the miles on. When looking for a new car I knew I wanted a Chevy just because my luck has been great with them, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted the Malibu or the Cruze. After looking at the size I decided the Cruze was the car for me. Took two days to find a dealer willing to come down to my price and the deal was done…best part, they had the exact car I wanted so I didn’t have to compromise on anything either. Score.

I mentioned in my previous post, When it Rains, it Pours!, about an accident I witnessed a Cruze in and I would like to share more about this accident. I am going to copy information from a local news website, but for my protection I will not include a link or details about the site that posted it, just know this is not my information and shared from another site.

No Major Injuries Reported

It appears miraculous that there were no initial reports of any major injuries in today’s three-vehicle accident. All four people involved were able to walk to ambulances, suffering what appeared to be only minor injuries.

A semi-tractor trailer was traveling southbound just before 1:30 p.m. today, Saturday, March 5. The driver of the truck apparently didn’t see the light turn red at the intersection, according to witness, who was in his car nearby. Witness stated a Chevy Cruze driven by a man was on a side road, had the green light and proceeded to turn left to get onto the northbound lanes. At this point, the semi-tractor broadsided the car states the witness. Luckily, the brand new Chevy Cruze purchased recently was equipped with multiple layers of airbags which provided protection to the driver. He was able to exit the car and walk to an ambulance.

The semi then clipped a Jeep Cherokee in the roadway before rolling over multiple times. The semi proceeded to roll across the northbound lanes, missing several approaching cars and came to rest on its side in a ditch. The contents of the trailer, lime sludge, along with its diesel fuel tanks soon began to flow onto the road and into a ditch. The driver of the truck and a passenger were both able to exit the cab of the semi and enter an ambulance. The driver of the Cherokee appeared uninjured.

Police, ambulance and firefighters soon arrived on the scene. EMTs soon had the patients en route to area hospitals. The police officers stopped all lanes of traffic from 1:30 p.m. through 7:30 p.m. as the accident left a wide swath of debris across the roadway. Towing was called to the scene to remove the vehicles off the roadway.

Take a nice long look at this picture…this guy WALKED AWAY from a DIRECT impact with a semi truck. The speed limit at this location is 50 mph and the semi truck was estimated at traveling at 54 mph before hitting the car and pushing it to the curb. This car was pushed approximately 50 feet and you can see some of the marks on the road showing it pushed.

Want a safe car? I think this is proof that the 5 star safety rating on this car can really live up to it’s name.

In other news, life has had quit the turns lately. Being in a relationship with an older man is not all fun and games and right now is one of those “down times” that come in all relationships. It’s really hard sometimes to keep him convinced that I’m not taking off for some younger guy and today he just struck a nerve and I went off. He makes suggestions all the time and jokes that I’m going to leave for someone younger, better looking, and more active…let’s just say my older man can out do me some days, is definitely not bad looking, and I am NOT after the younger ones (too immature). Today he made a reference about me running off to find a younger guy and that I probably already have one lined up, I just snapped. It really pissed me off today and partly because mother nature and her hormonal imbalance just sucks! I felt bad until he started some more.

After arguments about me having guys lined up he decided to send me a text that said I’m always so secretive but when I asked what that was suppose to mean he refused to respond. I don’t know that the hell is so secretive about me, he knows where I am all the time, he knows who I’m with, what I’m doing, who I talk to…he knows everything because I tell him but then he calls me secretive…what the fuck?! He knows everything about me all the time! It just pisses me off. I HATE overbearing and I HATE controlling!! If he is going to start acting like either…well this just won’t work.

I wish he could just get it through his head that I don’t have other plans and I’m not running off, but until then my communication line is shut down. I decided to let him think on his own for a while. I turned off my phone and it has been off all afternoon and evening. If anyone needs to get a hold of me they know how, but I’m done having this pointless discussion for now. It just went in circles and I ended that. I will not be accused, especially of being secretive and have no backing on how I’m acting that way. I’m done talking and he can go think about it.

It hurts a little bit, not having my best friend to talk to, especially when I have both exciting and depressing news. I could really use being held right now too, but for now I will stay strong and let him think a little bit while I do the same. Sometimes it’s good to take a short break from each other and spend a little time in your own head. My head…well it will take about a million posts to even start to sort that one out and even then you will be so confused and convinced that I need to be locked up. Maybe one day someone will fully understand me, I hate being trapped inside it all the time and not being about to share with anyone, especially the one person I want to most. Once again, some days I am thankful for the way I was raised, the abuse kept me straight and I work very hard for what I have. Other days, I hate this more than anything and wish I had been raised “normal” and with love.

When it Rains, it Pours!

My suggestion for the evening…if you plan on typing out a great big post, save more often and especially when the weather is bad! Had a nice big post ready and the storms came through right as I was trying to publish it and the internet went down causing my post to be lost somewhere in cyber world that I can not locate. Apparently when that happens, the saved draft disappears too. That’s a bummer. Since I don’t have as much time as before this post will be short and sweet. I bought a new car!! : )

If anyone is out there looking for a new car I’d like to suggest looking into the Chevrolet Cruze (my choice) or if you need something bigger the Chevrolet Malibu! Both excellent cars and being in my field safety was a big factor in my choice…I have personally seen the Cruze get hit head on then after a chain reaction a gasoline truck ROLLED OVER the entire car…the people inside walked away from the accident without a scratch and refused to go to the hospital by ambulance. They were both in a little pain the next few days but nothing broken or damaged, just muscle pain.

I went with the 2012 Chevy Cruze 1LT with the driver convenience package. I’m loving it! It’s in the blue granite metallic, it’s just beautiful! I will share pictures soon but due to a painful migraine, I’m off to bed and cutting this post short. Damn these storms and deleting my other one!! Tomorrow my man gets to see my new car then he’s taking me fishing. I just love going and he loves watching me enjoy myself. We get to spend some relaxing time together and I can’t wait!! Currently life is good, especially since my car made it home safely and is tucked away from the hail in the garage! Thank you mother nature!

Remember me?

I’m alive! Wow, life has been crazy lately. I’m starting one new job while my awesome man is leaving one. It’s crazy where life can take you and I sure hope mine is taking me in the right direction! I had a very rough and difficult past, easy to a select few out there, but difficult to most. Many people would not have been able to handle the life I was given. When I was younger I used to pray every single day that my life would end or someone would rescue me…that rescue finally came recently. I was despirate for a different life, a “normal” one, but looking back now I’m grateful for the life I had, it made me the person I am today. A person I am proud of and ever grateful to be. Life wasn’t easy, but I’m glad it wasn’t different.

Something I hate most in life is being accused, especially when it’s not true. I hate being accused of something I wasn’t involved in, something I didn’t do, and something I didn’t say. There has been a lot of people at work accusing me of things that are all false just because I work my ass off. I’m cleaning trucks every shift I’m on, I teach CPR and first aid, I volunteer for events, I do all kinds of stuff and my co-workers hate that, I guess it makes them look bad. So instead of getting up and helping out they’ve decided to accuse me of stuff instead. It pisses me off more than anything else in life.

I’m tired of that job, everyone is still stuck in junior high and so fucking immature! As soon as hours start to pick up at my new job I’m done with that stupid ass place and I can’t wait!!!! Life is going to be SO much better! For now…I suffer through hell and make do the best I can.


I tested today for another job…yes another. I’m crazy, I know. But if I get this one then I’m quitting my first job because there is no room for advancement and the people they make life a living hell. I can’t blame the Chief one bit for quitting and I will be following him as quickly as I can. The test today seemed really easy but we’ll see. I hope I did well enough to advance. Being straight out of school helps…some. In 7 days I will know my results and if I get to advance to the next stage. I’m not counting on it, but I will be sure to keep you posted.

Recently my mother decided to get rid of U-verse and go back to Charter…this was the WORST decision she could have ever made!!! If you can afford it and have the option, go with U-verse and keep it!! It was awesome!! Never had any issues with it, ever. Charter…you suck!! Maybe that will be the next google search that brings someone to my page. “Charter sucks” I can’t get pages to open, I can’t even check my e-mail without problems! It’s just crazy stupid! I am so ready to get something else!

Other than that, life is good. : ) Just relaxing on a cold rainy day with my pups. How are all my blog readers?


I logged into on the computer, something I tend to rarely do. I noticed that I had several more searches that brought people to my page and these I had to share. I really wish I could work for Google for a day and see the things people search! Or Siri and see the things people ask…it’d be awesome! Heck, today I needed to search something on good and started typing in “how to turn” and the first five suggestions that came up underneath it were: how to turn a guy on, how to turn a girl on, ow to turn off iphone, how to turn a decimal into a fraction, and how to turn off ipod. I just had to laugh. If you’re ever bored just start typing something in and see the suggestions come up…it’s interesting. Or hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button and see what other people have searched recently because it will take you to theirs. It’s entertaining.

Anyway…recent searches that have lead people to my page…

Water babies bottle of sunscreen – This one would have lead the person this post about ways to help your sunburn, if so, then I hope they person has learned a new trick I was taught because it’s worked great for me the few times I have been burnt!

Married man hugged and kissed another woman on forehead – I had to type this into google myself to figure out what it lead them to, after several pages in, they apparently read this post. I hope it gave them what they were looking for, but I doubt it. I always hate to see searches like that, but it seems to be a common search topic because stuff like that comes up quit often.

NREMT test sucks – First, I COMPLETELY agree with you here!! That test is HORRIBLE!! You look up the definition of “horrible” in the dictionary and the NREMT should be the first thing listed!! I also had to type this one into to google and see which post they came too. Oddly the very first listing on google brings you here showing several posts with NREMT listed. I’m curious how many people see this now and if NREMT themselves have come across it…I hope they know how horribly retarded that test is! None of the questions I had would do me any good as a paramedic on the truck…it’s just stupid! Anyone who has ever taken the test knows what I’m talking about.

Crazy geocache containers – After looking at 17 pages of google I still have no idea which post they saw. In my opinion, if it doesn’t exist on the first 3 pages of google then it doesn’t exist at all, but that’s just my ADHD kicking in. I’m sure they saw one or all of my geocaching posts, but I may never know on that one.

O shit im stuck – This one just makes me laugh reading it! I am extremely curious what about this lead them to my page, so again I google searched this myself. Well, after looking through 30 pages this time of some very interesting results I have no idea how it lead them to my page. If you find out, please share. This one has me the most curious.

What are people searching to find you?

First Day

At the new job that is. It was awesome!! Everyone there was so nice and helpful and made me feel right at home. I love it so far! We’ll see how things go when I’m released to the crews, but so far I like it. I like the people in charge and I’m ready to get started! : ) I can’t wait to go back. Unfortunately due to it being final’s time I’m teaching too much to go back until May, but that’s ok. I have time to study up some before I start “working”, which I’m slightly nervous about. When I did my paramedic student time they let me make every decision, do the talking, call in reports…they treated me like I was a medic and let me do my thing. But now I am truly on my own…tad nervous about that, but every has that. I’m still unsure of myself when it comes to my medic skills, but I will do the best I can. While part of me is nervous, the other part of me is excited for this new step! I’ll be sure to share this new adventure with you all if you care to read.

It’s Been a While

I’m still on the mend, mostly been laying around. Tried to run a little this past weekend and found out I can’t yet, it hurts so bad. My jaw is still so painful, can’t chew anything, and I still have complete numbness on the left side, my whole bottom jaw and lip. I know this is all possible complications of the surgery, but lets just say I am NOT happy!! The doctor was an asshole before and I should have gotten up and walked out. Thinking back I wish I had because this recovery has been nothing but a nightmare since. I am not happy at all and am looking for another doctor to go see to make sure it’s truly a complication and not something he messed up. I will  NOT be recommending them to anyone! I spend $1200 of my hard earned money, money I don’t have, and this shit is what I have to live with now. He ruined the thousands I spent on therapy after a car accident to fix my TMJ, now I have it worse than I’ve ever had. : (

Other than dealing with all of that, life has been normal, but busy. This past weekend we celebrated my grandma’s 70th birthday. Lots of fun! The extended family can be a blast to get together with. We had a lot of friends and family over and just partied. I even managed to get off work early so I made it to the whole party and didn’t have to miss out like usual. Though sometimes I don’t mind.

Life at work has been uneventful, minus today. Today news got out that the Chief is quitting. He told his boss 3 weeks ago and has agreed to stay on working what little hours he wants to helping them until they find a replacement. The Captain is all excited because he doesn’t have to deal with our “horrible Chief” anymore, little does he know he still has to answer to the Chief until a new one is found. And let me tell you how “horrible” our Chief is…his motto is “have fun at work.” He doesn’t care at all what we do as long as we follow company policy, don’t break anything, and don’t kill anyone. We regularly play frisbee and wiffle ball, several people get away with not doing chores, very few of us clean the trucks…they have NO idea how easy they have it!! I can’t wait for someone to come in and really show them a hard time.

Despite all the crap there, things with my older man are better than ever! I started thinking today about ways to tell my mother and make her understand that this isn’t a bad thing. I think she’s hoping it’s just a phase that will pass, but it’s not. I started thinking about what I will want for my little girl one day, I want her to marry someone they love, someone that will take care of her, protect her, and be there for her without running off, no matter the age. I have all that. I have the safety, security, protection, and we even have plans for the future. Let’s face it, we know that unless something horrible happens (which it could), he is going to leave this earth long before me. We have plans for that to protect me. Money being put aside, insurance policies, and things to make sure I, and any children we have, are taken care of when that day comes. I am working on a letter to my mom to help me spell all this out and it will be posted here because I doubt I’ll ever have the courage to show her. I hope one day her and the family can understand though…this isn’t some “phase” or “fling”, it’s the real deal.