New Job, Here I Come

Guess what…I got the job!! Couldn’t tell from the title could you? I’m so excited! This is my big break and I’m determined to work hard and move up at this department, but my first goal is to make it though the probationary period. : )

I left the interview feeling slightly nervous, but after talking the whole interview through with my awesome man I feel much better. Being a boss himself he knows the answers people are looking for. He coached me some before the interview but not too much, he had confidence I could do it on my own. I went through all the questions they asked and how I answered and every single one he told me I had excellent answers to and there was no doubt in his mind that I’d get the job.

I got the called yesterday afternoon shortly after a friend of mine got a call saying she didn’t get the job. But I know why she didn’t get it, she has no experience at all where I have some experience working in the field. I’m so excited!! I find out next week when orientation is, but for now I’m off to catch some crawdad’s and celebrate!

9 responses to “New Job, Here I Come

  1. It’s always a great feeling to get a new job. Just don’t spill coffee on the papers then burn it in the microwave trying to dry it out. My co-workers still tell me about it… it happened 15 years ago.. why can’t they just forget?

      • Very much so! They have VERY hands off protocols, it’s entirely up to the medic to make decisions and used critical thinking…they give medics full and complete power! It’s going to be very weird at first…I’m used to an extremely restricted place, with very little options and choices except for doing exactly as they say. If we deviate right now, it’s trouble and you will almost always lose your license.

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