Just One More Reason

I was informed tonight that my idiot Captain, the same one mentioned before, has decided to push at making us union. Let’s discuss a few things here before we get to my opinion on unions.

First, we are slowly losing our ambulance service because of money. The city is actually talking about shutting us down and letting another service replace us. Well, this little union stunt only pushing them that much closer to it. In fact, they are already talking about shutting us down since they have found out. Next, I have NEVER been approached about joining the union and neither has anyone that is on the “Chief’s side” as this idiot Captain puts it. They only need 30% to agree for it to pass, I am NOT one of those 30%! All they are doing by making us union is guarantying that we will NOT have a job by the end of this year. They are so stupid! He’s feeding them lies and they are falling for it. They city doesn’t have money right now, pushing for more just means they cut us all together and let someone else take us over. When that someone else takes over, it means none of us will be kept around.

Now, about unions…I think they had a great purpose at one point in time, but that time is long over. Now they just collect your money and don’t do crap for anyone. I’m sorry, but someone putting a damn bolt onto a wheel should NOT be making $35/hour!! That’s why things are so expensive! And they should also not be paid $40+/hour to hold a sign in front of a business that says, “This business does not use union labor.” I will be sure to spend my money with that business because you know what…your too damn expensive! Of course they aren’t going to use you! Unions…your purpose is over now, you just too rethink your game plan because all your causing is more businesses to go out of business.

And while I’m at it pissing people off I’ll say this…I’m not racist, not at all! If you’re a bad person, I don’t give a damn what color or race you are, I don’t like you. If you’re a good person that works hard, then I like you no matter your race or color. People need to get over themselves!! They Jewish are not declaring a Jewish history month, or demanding special rights just because their PAST relatives had it rough! So the rest of you need to give it up! YOU were NOT a slave! So get over it and deal with it like everyone else! I think Jewish had it WAY worse than you slaves, so if anything they should be allowed a history month, special scholarships, special rights…this country is getting more screwed up by the day. But that is for another day, I’m tired. So…to be continued…

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