When it Rains it Pours

When will this storm end?! More bad news today…a nasty guy that won’t stop hitting on me and asking me out got accepted onto my other job tonight. FML! So now I have a Captain that is screwing me over at one job and when I go to the other I have another jerk to deal with there! This guy is nasty! Down right creepy! And just…ugh! He’s been fired from everywhere he’s worked. He tried getting on at my first job, that didn’t happen…he failed the test AND interview, so I guess he decided to try my other department…just great! There is no escape anymore! Just when I thought things were going good…not so much! He is so bad that I am actually considering quitting! : ( He’s worse than my Captain I have to deal with…I dread ever having to see this guy!

I am convinced I’m being punished for something!

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