Toying with an Idea

This has been bothering me for quit some time, I think I’ll share it here (though I doubt many people read this) and see what opinions are.

An old friend of mine, who I no longer talk to for this and many other reasons, is using state money that she doesn’t need. She had a child, he’s deaf, so they receive money for school, operations, doctor appointment, special training, medical, surgeries, and daily needs for him. She’s pissed because the state paid for one cochlear implant but won’t pay for the other. She receives money for school (pell grant, 100% paid for plus extra money) and more money to pay for her and her child’s needs. She’s listed as living with her mom…not the case. She lives with her “boyfriend” who makes $28+ an hour with benefits. They have decided not to get married because she will lose her money. They are getting all this state aid and then going out and buying $300 remote control airplanes, both have iPhones, nice cars, blow money left and right on whatever they want. Bought a 4-wheeler last week.

Now…normally I wouldn’t report someone, but I know for a fact that they don’t need this money. They just continue to get it so they can have money to blow. They don’t use it on the child like they are suppose to. They spend it on themselves and whatever they want. The “extra money” she gets for school is suppose to be used on supplies, gas to get to and from school, etc. She’s bought her phone, got an xBox with it, a tv…bought all kinds of stuff that money is not suppose to be used on.

So, do I report this? Or let it go? It pisses me off that I work my ass off for everything I have and they get free money they shouldn’t be receiving in the first place. Just like getting your taxes back…any child is an automatic $1500…I think you should have to earn money and PAY taxes yourself before you are allowed that back. Welfare is NOT income!!

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