What is wrong with the world?

Watching the news this morning at the start of my shift, I saw this story and all I could think is, “what the f***is wrong with the world?!” Seriously! what the hell happened? There are so many people is this world that want children to raise in a loving home, why not give your unwanted child to them? There have been FAR too many children murdered lately!! Like this story, killing to see “what it felt like.” She has made quit the stir in this area. Or how about this one, killing her child because he was crying?!


There are so many places to get help if you can’t take the stress of your children. You can take them any where with one of these signs if you don’t want the child anymore, no questions asked.
National Safe Place

I just hate more than anything, seeing children hurt or killed for no reason. These kids deserve way more than this! Give them to someone that wants them! Someone that can’t raise kids, allow them to raise the child in a loving and caring home! Children are so innocent, what would they have done to deserve to be tortured or killed?

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