Found my December!

Anyone have anything important to say?? Cause I sure don’t! I’ve spent a lot of time lately reading (not much going on at work) and came across an article on age gap relationships I’d like to share. It was a pretty good read. I showed it to my man and we read it together. It has a lot of information that we can use when informing my mother of our relationship…which is going to happen soon… : – / I told my man, “I’ll be hiding out in Mexico, good luck with my mom, and call me when it’s safe to come home.” He laughed and told me that was a good try, but not how we’re going to do it. I thought it was a good idea…I just hope she’s ok with it. She’s very materialistic and depends on what people think about it, I just have this feeling that she isn’t going to like the fact that her daughter is in an age gap relationship, I know she’ll worry about what her friends think.

As for life with our relationship, things couldn’t be better! I found the perfect gift for him for Valentine’s Day. We have decided to celebrate this year because we both ended up with the day off. We just plan on spending a quiet evening at home, he’s cooking me dinner, promised to rub my feet and back…can we say awesome! : ) I know he’ll probably get me roses and some other stuff because that’s just the kind of man he is. I tell him all the time that I don’t need anything for my birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day…that I just never need/want stuff, but he insists on getting me something any way. Can’t stop a determined man. But I sure do love him for it! He’s my totally awesome man! And I can’t wait to start a family with him!

The other day there was finally a release to jailbreak the iPad 2! It’s about time! And I was so excited that I spent 6 whole hours, ADHD and all, just to figure out the “bug” I was having that kept causing mine not to work! But with the help of a few people, I finally got it fixed and jailbroken! I haven’t done much with the jailbreak, actually, besides downloading cydia and winterboard…I haven’t done anything else. I’ve done more on my iPhone when it comes to the jailbreak software than I have with the iPad. Not saying there isn’t anything cool out there, I just…I don’t know…just haven’t found anything I like and want to do to it. Guess it’s time for a google search to decide what/if I want to add anything. Now that I have jailbroken my phone and added some pretty sweet features and stuff, I’m not sure I want to upgrade to the newer phone, I’d have to start all over again and if something breaks on the phone then it’s a pain in the ass to remove the jailbreak app and put things back to normal again. I guess we’ll just have to see how worth it the next iPhone is.

Now, for anyone with an iPhone out there, I’d like to take a minute to HIGHLY recommend the LifeProof Case! A must have and totally worth the price! My phone has gone swimming many times and this case has held up no problem! It’s great! It’s been through all kinds of abuse to, dropped off firetrucks, bounced out the back of the ambulance, accidentally kicked across the ER…phone and case are still doing great! : ) The only disadvantage I have found to this case is that if it does fall in the water it is going to sink to the bottom like a rock! I really hope LifeProof comes up with some sort of adapter that connects or snaps onto this case to help it float. The case is NOT recommended to be removed on a daily basis, so it would be great if they made something that just fit over the case as it is, that has the ability to keep the phone at or near the water surface. However, they do have some cool accessories on their page that you can buy to help keep the phone attached to you, maybe this will keep it from accidentally sinking to the bottom.

I can’t wait for the LifeProof case to be released for the iPad because I am less than pleased with the OtterBox Defender case. Within a week of having it, the case already cracked along the stand (still usable but kind of annoying). Then not long after that the, the “clips” that hold the stand on, those broke off too. So basically I have a “stand” that is suppose to attach and create a “lid” for the screen…now it just sits against the case. I’m completely disappointed by the quality of OtterBox these past couple months, no longer a product I highly recommend, now it’s just a product I casually recommend to people, tell them they can make their own opinion.

My opinion…LifeProof all the way! You guys did a great job in creating a case that can be used on a daily basis! It is an excellent thing for someone in my field considering we never know what kind of calls we will end up running and what we will be doing there. Hell, I could end up in a lake an never have a chance to remove things from my pockets. Thank you LifeProof for creating something that keeps me from taking the extra time to empty my pockets before saving a life.

2 responses to “Found my December!

  1. Good luck introducing your man to your mum!

    I love that gift you found… I may just steal that idea. It is pure brillaince, I’ve been having a panic all week!

    I’ve also been searching for a good iphone case, this blog post is amazing for me! Thank you for writing it x

    • Thank you! I think I found the perfect gift! : ) At least that’s what I keep telling my man and it’s killing him! He wants to know what it is so bad.

      And you will LOVE that case if you get it! I couldn’t be more happy with it! It’s the perfect size for every day use with outstanding protection!

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