When it Rains it Pours

When will this storm end?! More bad news today…a nasty guy that won’t stop hitting on me and asking me out got accepted onto my other job tonight. FML! So now I have a Captain that is screwing me over at one job and when I go to the other I have another jerk to deal with there! This guy is nasty! Down right creepy! And just…ugh! He’s been fired from everywhere he’s worked. He tried getting on at my first job, that didn’t happen…he failed the test AND interview, so I guess he decided to try my other department…just great! There is no escape anymore! Just when I thought things were going good…not so much! He is so bad that I am actually considering quitting! : ( He’s worse than my Captain I have to deal with…I dread ever having to see this guy!

I am convinced I’m being punished for something!

Welcome to My Life

So, it has been one hell of a weekend in my life. Got to spend some time with the man of my life, which was awesome! But the family had to ruin some things again. Spent a lot of my time working, which is normal, seems like I never have a day off, which is about to change soon. After today I have over a week off because my Captain has gone back to screwing with me.

My Captain is a perverted guy that will screw anyone and I’m pretty positive he has slept with every female that has worked here, something I plan to NEVER let happen. One day he was messing around with people and I walked passed him while he was sitting in a chair. I can’t recall what the conservation was about, but it was sexual in nature because that’s just how he is. When I walked passed him he grapped me by the waist, pulled me down on his lap, leaned me forward, slapped my ass and told me I’ve been a bad girl. I know what your thinking, “That’s not that bad.” To me it was, I did not like it at all!

This guy has told me for years what a great MILF I’ll make one day and how good my ass looks. I’ve overheard him making comments to other people that he’d love to f*** me. All of this I didn’t care for either because I’m not going to sleep my way to the top. I brushed it all off and let it go because in this field I’m going to hear a lot of comments, I already have, but when he physically put his hands on me…that was the end of the line.

After a few weeks of holding it in, I finally told the boss, but mostly because he told me to or he’d start asking around and I didn’t want that. See, this captain is not the brightes person, he went from scheduling me 20 or more shifts a month, to just 4 for the entire month, all because I wouldn’t sleep with him and told him not to touch me. At that time I made the choice that I just want a sit down with the Captain and inform him that it is not to happen again, looking back that was the worse decision I ever made! I didn’t want to be the reason for someone being fired.

Ever since the incident and the sit down with the boss, it seems every 3 months or so he starts screwing with me again and based on the next schedule he’s at it again. So every couple of months the boss has to remind this guy that I let him keep his job and he needs to stop messing with me. This time I didn’t go to the boss, he saw I wasn’t scheduled, asked to see what I put in available for the month and is going to my caption on his own because I have 5 shifts for the entire month when I put in for 26 shifts available…bit of a problem there. Especailly when people much lower in senority than me that are not released from probabtion are getting more shifts than me and beating me out for shifts.

I bust my ass around work, washing trucks every day, checking supplies, cleaning the station, etc and it just gets me in trouble and less shifts than the people that sit on their butts all day. I think I earned having more shifts, but instead I get less. It just sucks having to deal with all of this. I wish more than anything that he had never done what he did and put me into this situation, but I am majorly starting to regrete not getting him gone all togther because now I’m stuck dealing with it. I’m trying very had to find a new job, but it’s a slow process around here. I just want a job where my hard work is appreciated.

Currently I am preparing for my NREMT Paramedic exam which is a joke. Their whole testing process and their organization is a joke in general. I know several people that have made it through their testing process and they are shit on the street! And I know several other people that can’t pass the test but would be amazing paramedics. NREMT needs to either be taken away or reevaluated because it’s a joke. The questions on the test will do zero good when working on the trucks, we’re not doctors, we’re paramedics. I don’t care what cells produce what, or any crap like that. I need a basic knowledge of how stuff works, but not the full knowledge, it doesn’t do me any good. It just make me mad their whole stupid process.

While preparing, I have been taking some break time to keep me focused. On Saturday my awesome man took me down to some rivers to scope out float trips and camping sites. We found some awesome places to camp! And I love the rivers here! We have so many to pick from, some crystal clear, others the muddy type, big deep ones to little shallow ones. I can’t wait till its warmer and we can start going on float trips again! I’m so excited! We currently have a 4 day float planned with some friends and I’m so excited for it!

During the Saturday morning though our trip was almost ruined. My car needed some work done and my uncle does it all regularly. I had planned on dropping it off the morning before we left but he told me to wait till he calls. Naturally he called and said he could do it but I was already gone. So I asked my brother, who is unemployed, failed out of college, and has no life to drop it off…I had to pay the little shit $20 to do it! And I’m pissed at my mom for making me.

For 2 years I had to wake up every single day to get the little brat and drive him to school because he didn’t FEEL like taking the bus! I’ve done all kinds of stuff for him, buy him food, take him places…just countless crap! And the ONE time I ask him a favor I gotta pay him?! F*** that! I’m not doing a single thing for any of them anymore…ever! Am I wrong for thinking this?

Other than that, life has been pretty normal, just trying to servive each day. Till next time, thank you for reading my blog!

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

If I told you I was a twin, would you believe me? You should! It’s a random fact that a lot of my friends, who have known me for years, don’t even know about me. I don’t keep a secret and I don’t avoid telling people on purpose, I just forget. Honest. Every one thinks, “You’re a twin? How cool!” In my life there is nothing “cool” about it.

First of all, I am a fraternal twin. This means we come from two separate eggs, it does not mean the twins look different. Here’s a little random knowledge for you, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twins…don’t believe me? Look it up! Fraternal twins can look practially identical, though most don’t, and this is the case for my sister and I.

My sister has baby fine, straight dark hair. I have thick, wavy blonde hair. My sister has a little over one foot in height on me and she also weights about 130lbs more than me (and this is not all from the height). Our facial features are nothing alike! And our habbits and hobbies are the complete opposite! She likes dressing up and is the “girly girl” while I prefer my dirtbik, jeans and a t-shirt. We have always been black and white.

Along with not look or acting alike, we also never got/get along. Everyone says she’ss jealous of my body and outgoing personnality. Me? I just can’t stand her because she’s always been a bitch to me! I have scars all over my arms from her digging her nails into my skin. She’s always called me names, punishes me as she pleases, and just puts me down in front of anyone she can (she’s a lot like my motheer). For this we have never and probably will never get along. There are some things I just can’t “forgive and forget.”

Sometimes I think if we had looked more alike we would have gotten along. Or maybe if our parents hadn’t raised us to believe she’s the better child for not being fiirst born…I don’t know, life could have been so much different if our childhood had not been the way it was.

Either way, life has been slightly better not living in the same house as her. People always say, “she’s your sister, you’ll get along better when you grow up and live on your own.” This I really doubt, if you had grown up in my shoes, you’d feel the same way too.

Mama Raise You Right

I’m sad to say one of the blogs I loved reading is not long online. It’s been pulled because something said some bad things about her and her family, so she pulled the blog all together. I enjoyed watching her kid grow and reading what they did during the week. It’s sad to see this go.

I hate when people can’t keep negative comments to theirselves, but I guess not every one was raised like I was. I’m all for correcting someone when they’re wrong, letting them know their behavior is unacceptable, but if someone is minding their own business, then just leave them alone.

I was ask today to be a guest post for a blog, agegapgal. I was completely shocked, I didn’t know anyone liked my writing enough to ask me to write for their blog. I took my time to get something together, which I hope will be ok. It will be posted March 14, so watch for it. And if you haven’t checked out her blog before, be sure you do, it has a lot of informational reading.

Other than that, it has been a very uneventful day of work. All is quiet, which is a good thing for our citizens. Tomorrow it’s off to a new class to teach and it’s always interesting to meet the new classes. It’s usually easy to spot the bad kids from day 1 and it’s pretty easy to tell which kids will make it in this field and which will not, but regardless, they all learn the same from me. I make sure each kid really knows their skills before they go out there and embarrass our school.

We did have a patient earlier this evening, I was impressed how many people moved for ourr lighs and sirens, that never happens! So we got to the patient quickly. When taking thee patient to the hospital we didn’t use the lights and sirens (not needed) and people were tailgating me, cutting me off…all kinds of stuff! In this town that is the dumbest thing you could ever do, I have direct connection to the police through my radio and my computer system. I can’t tell you how many people have gotten tickets because we don’t let you away with that stuff.

Reminder people…my truck has WAY more weight behind it than your little sports car! It takes a lot longer to get going and it takes a lot more to stop it! Tailgating is not going to make the truck move any quicker, I promise. And cutting me off just means it’s going to be a more uncomfortable ride for our patient in the back. If you were in the back you wouldn’t like it. Speaking of which…people always bitch that we didn’t get there fast enough to help them, but no one wants to pull over and yeild to our lights and sirens. Just remember, how would you feel if it was you or your family that need that ambulance, fire truck, or police officer?? Pull over! Let them through because someone is having an emergency and they want that truck just as badly as if you needed it.