Ageless Love

I would like to take a few minutes out of my day to share a website I found not long ago. When I first got into an age gap relationship, it was different. We kept VERY quiet about it because people in the world…well they can just be too damn opinionated! But slowly we started letting people know. Neither of us know anyone with more than 10 years max between them, so I started looking online for some more information. I had to know that there were more people out there. I mean, I knew, but it’s like I wanted a confirmation about it. So anyway, I did what every one does these days, I opened my computer and started looking online for something to help me.

Google can be a wonderful tool! Though there are not many people out there that want to share about their lives, relationships, etc. But there are a few and this website seems to be the best I have found so far. You can talk to other people going through a “May-December” relationships, which believe it or not, have the SAME problems as any other and in my opinion, less. So if you are in an age gap relationship and you too are looking for more people like yourself, I hope you either find my blog or this website directly yourself.

Ageless Love

Have a good day guys! And thanks for reading my blog!

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