Our Age Difference

The few people that do know about our relationship have asked a few questions that we have thought about ourselves and tonight I am going to review a particular subject that seems to be the most important to people.

The main question we get is children. My man has 3 children, all slightly younger than me. Now, when we marry they will never be referred to as “my children.” I will not be their “step-mom” even though, technically I am, there will be no momness for them, I refuse to be a “mother” to someone just younger than myself.

It is a known fact that I want kids, a lots of them! Like a whole litter! However, after watching the Duggar family, I’ve been convinced to settle for 3 and my man is completely excited about that. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not writing off his children, but they are already old enough to care for themselves, which doesn’t mean we’ll turn them down if they need help. We are in agreement that we want two boys and a girl, which is a whole other discussion for a later day, we have names picked out and all!

We get asked about how we are going to raise the kids, will I be a stay at home mom, etc. I would LOVE to care for the kids all the time and stay home with them, but I don’t think it is fair for me to spend money I don’t make, I’m not that person. And besides, I love my job!! Who wouldn’t? I get to play with firetrucks and ambulances! But when it comes to raising the kids, we have a plan.

Due to our line of work, retirement comes early and in 6 years my man is eligible for retirement. Sees weird for some people, me starting my career, him retiring, but it will work. He is super excited about being able to care for the child, which is good because he will be doing most of it. But don’t get us wrong, he will still be working some. See he wants to put as much money away as we can.

It’s the cycle of life, he’s not going to live forever, who knows, I could go before him. We never know, so we have planned for this. He wants to make sure that if anything ever happens, myself and the children are living in a paid off home with no financial worries. We have talked about the differences between our life verses a “normal” relationship, and we have a great game plan!

3 responses to “Our Age Difference

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I am a child of a May/December marriage and so is my husband. I did a blog post on the subject you might be interested in. It’s in the “Love and Marriage” category and the post is called, “Children of a May/December Marriage.” I enjoyed reading this post of yours too and I know everything will work out fine.

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