January T-Storms

Another unpredictable day, but that’s why I got into this business and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else! Just another day on the job, working my life away. But boy do I love it! Though unfortunately we don’t always get to eat the best, meaning a lot of nights consist of this or nothing at all.


That’s just the life we get used to, that’s our sacrifice to the public who don’t care, to them we are lazy. I bust my ass to prove them wrong but it makes no difference so instead I bust my ass for myself, to know I did the right thing.

Unfortunately they are calling for bad storms tonight an we’re currently under a tornado warning. Being a volunteer firefighter for my local area means my “days off” are not “time off.” I will serve all night long.

Finally got home from work 3 hours late and hung our art from the museum up on the fridge…it’s been well over 15 years since I’ve had anything hung on the fridge! Go me!

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