Worn out

Midwest weather means that everything can change in a matter of minutes. One day it will be 28 and snowing, the very next day it will be 58 with tornado warnings…which happened earlier this week actually. Today we are back down in the teens, Sunday the forecast is calling for 56 and storms. So when they called for “freezing rain” tonight, I didn’t bother changing my plans to take my cousin’s to a downtown museum…big mistake.

From my house it usually takes 50 mins (depending on traffic) to get into the city…not tonight. That freezing rain did hit, and bad. Naturally no one can drive so they actually had parts of the interstate closed down all over and before we knew it we were sitting in a parking lot. We started watching everyone turn down an entrance ramp to get off the highway…so not safe but what the hell, let’s follow. Well just our luck, a damn cop pulls up and stops everyone coming down the ramp but I guess he figures it’s hopeless and just let’s everyone through, instead he blocks traffic from being able to get up this ramp.

Finally, 2 hours after we left the house, we arrive…to an empty parking lot that is literally a sheet of ice. Couldn’t even walk on this stuff! We get a parking spot right by the door and make it inside all in one piece…then the fun began!

Underpants anyone?

Huge slide!

Cool cafe.

Giant catfish!

My awesome art!

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